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The Roots of Mississippi Citizen’s for Austin’s Law

The Mississippi Citizens for Austin’s Law Story




In October 14-year high school freshman Austin Stokes suffering from cerebral palsy began his day like many other students.  He woke up, dressed and headed to school.  The high school experience is one that most of us look back on fondly.  It is a time of adventure and anticipation with the promise of a bright and meaningful future.  One day in a cold Mississippi October he was called a “retard” and then brutally attacked by a fellow student.  This is a memory that will most likely follow him for the rest of his life whatever accomplishments lay before him. 


If MS’s Hate Crime Statute protected citizens with disabilities, Austin’s attacker’s sentence would have been enhanced. Unfortunately, Mississippi is one of 20 states that consider hate crime against handicapped individuals heinous enough to legislate appropriate legal actions.  To complain about this situation is not enough.  It is time for a change and that change is needed now.


Since mid-January 2013 we have been working to amend the current statute so that people with disabilities ARE protected in MS.

We have hosted events, reached out to MS State Legislators, Disability Advocacy Groups, gathered signatures on petitions, engage the media involved, made plans to travel state-wide to raise awareness and gain support of Austin’s Law.


Although Mississippi Citizens for Austin’s Law has only been involved in the campaign for a short while, we’ve made tremendous strides. We have a legislative sponsor, Representative Tom Miles, have met with and are working with several advocacy groups, and are raising awareness and gathering support. We are greatly encouraged by the response thus far and assure all those involved that we have just begun. 


Jason Layne LLC has agreed to work with any and all by first creating his newsletter.  We will launch a website within the next month along with blogs in order to capitalize on this groundswell movement.  Clearly, we have touched the hearts and minds of many.  And now we look forward to increasing our ranks using live events and the Internet technology that is now available.


“I believe the Leeann Rasmussen has touched a nerve with many individuals who are frustrated by such situations.  She and her associates have made many strides.  I look forward to being a contribution to them in any way my background and experience can.


Please let us know what you think of this page.  We encourage your input on how to improve this email newsletter and hope that you will help us spread the word.  Facebook, Blog, email, and phone can contact us.


We can make a difference and we will make a difference.  Let’s get changing today’s vision into tomorrow’s reality.


Please join us as we make a difference for our most vulnerable citizens!

Thank you for your support!


LeeAnn Gunn-Rasmussen, Director MS Citizens for Austin’s LawImage